Berny Dohrman – CEO Space Founder & Chairman Shows You How To Thrive In The New Economy

from Financial Survival Network

Berny Dohrmann is an internationally recognized capital strategist, revenue accelerator, and economic innovator. He is the Founder and Chairman of CEO Space International, the world’s leading small business incubator having touched over 300,000 business owners in more than 100 countries. Under Dohrmann’s leadership CEO Space has grown into a mega week long intensive and trade show that services hundreds to thousands of small business owners at each conference five times a year; utilizing proprietary networking and teaching techniques that accelerates attendees’ abilities to grow their business through capital raising strategies, business growth intensives, and demonstrating the power of collaboration. Berny’s enthusiasm is infectious. He’s someone you want to listen to. You’re just like a 747 Dreamlifter taking off from a short runway. With a little bit of strategy and shifting around of the cargo, you can do it!

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