James E. Jennings, PhD – Beware Of Secret Wars And Kenya Mall Attack

from Financial Survival Network

James E. Jennings, PhD founded Conscience International in 1991. He doesn’t just talk humanitarian relief, he actually does it. He personally delivered aid during the Siege of Beirut in 1982 and subsequently led medical teams to treat victims in active war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Gaza, among other places. He also organized and led rapid medical/surgical responses to major earthquakes in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Haiti, Indonesia, and Peru. In Haiti, Conscience International has built 140 permanent seismic-resistant homes from earthquake rubble with the aid of nearly 100 volunteer teams. Jim has demonstrated conscience in action by responding to emergency humanitarian needs in more than thirty countries. Conscience International is now active on three continents, channeling volunteers and resources into places that are the among the world’s most needy, where conditions and access are the most challenging, and sometimes the most dangerous.

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