Triple Lutz Report #272 – Nanny Bloomberg Gets Slammed In The Appellate Court, & The South Is Rising

from Financial Survival Network

New York City Mayor Michael Nanny Bloomberg’s attorneys were arguing to overturn the Big Gulp court decision that stopped him from regulating sugary soft drink sizes. When one of the most liberal courts in the country has the knives out for the uber-Nanny, you know that something is up. He does have one more futile bite of the apple. He must convince the state’s highest court to reverse the lower court decisons, good luck on that one. Like we said before, Justice Milton Tingling’s decision which stopped the ban dead in its tracks was pretty much bullet-proof. And it appears the Appellate Division will agree.

Next we talked about the rising South. Most of the nation’s growing cities and states are located down south. There’s no accident here. While the Northeastern elites deride the culture and intellect of the country’s southern inhabitants, in the area of economic performance and growth there’s no contest; the South has been winning hands down for over a generation.

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