Adam Rabie – Sell Your Gold And Buy Millions In BitCoins?

from Financial Survival Network

Is it time to sell your gold and buy BitCoins? Adam Rabie believes you should own both. He sees electronic virtual currencies as one of the keys to protecting your wealth. They’re still very new and have a number of issues that need to be worked out before they can take their rightful place next to the Dollar and the Euro. However, they are evolving quickly, and with a few tweaks they’ll be ready for mass acceptance. People are extremely concerned about the long term viability of the fiat currencies currently in use. The fact that the supply of BitCoins is fixed at 21 million units means that by definition it cannot be inflated out of existence. As long as people regard it as a medium of exchange and the governments don’t figure out a way to neutralize it, it will survive and prosper.

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