Triple Lutz Report #240 – Nanny Bloomberg’s Latest Enemy: Styrofoam

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Just when you thought it was safe to consume a big gulp soda or smoke a cigar, Mayor Michael The Nanny Bloomberg is back. His latest enemy of the week is that harmless little lovable petroleum byproduc–polystyrene a/k/a styrofoam. Forget the fact that it’s an integral part of that hideous weapon that we all love the smell of in the morning–Napalm. More importantly it takes up valuable landfill space, can’t be recycled and requires thousands of years to degrade. This newest threat to civilization is worthy of a full head-on assault by the mayor. While he’s at it, he wants 10,000 parking spaces for electric cars that nobody is buying. What will he think of next, war on extra tight jeans, banning of high heels or perhaps he’ll do something really bold like going after microwave ovens. Your guess is as good as ours.

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