Pasha Roberts – The Silver Circle Movie Is Released & The War Against The Fed Begins

from FinancialSurvivalNet

We’ve been telling you about the Silver Circle Movie for over a year. Finally, it’s been released and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Set in 2016, the US is completely dominated by the Federal Reserve. From the economic life to social experience, life begins and ends at the Fed. However, there’s a group of rebels who are trying to put an end to this form of modern slavery. They produce Silver Circles, an alternative to the ever depreciating fiat currency the Fed lavishes upon the populace. Every conspiracy theory is equally depicted here, from Chemtrails to precious metals confiscation, none are excluded. There’s also a love angle and cause for widespread hope. You don’t want to miss this production by Pasha Roberts, former MIT Quant and movie producer. He and Megan Duffield, along with the rest of the crew, have outdone themselves.

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