David Gurwitz – Charles Nenner Says $2500 Gold, $5 Nat Gas, Dolar Collapse Within 18 Months, & More

from FinancialSurvivalNet

David Gurwitz is Managing Director of Charles Nenner Research. Nenner is a legendary cycle investor who’s continue to make the big calls. I spoke with David today and the conversation was chock full of blockbuster disclosures. Nenner’s predicting war in Israel, dollar collapse in 18 months, $5 natural gas and so many cataclysmic events. He believes that there’s life after death for the Euro and that it will become the reserve currency. While some of his calls seem highly improbable and extremely unlikely, remember that Nenner was calling for $1500 gold when it hit $1900 a year ago. So doubt him at your own risk.

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