Bill Murphy (GATA) & Bix Weir (RoadToRoota) – The Cartel is Dead, Long Live the Cartel!

from FinancialSurvivalNet

The Cartel is dead, long live the Cartel! Bix Weir thinks the Fed is deliberately trying to kill the dollar to stamp out the corrupt economic system that’s sucking out the world’s life force. Bill Murphy’s not so sure, but believes that the Fed has run out of options and that this might be the only way they can prevent an all out collapse. Both admit to not knowing when the bottom will drop out of the financial markets, but both are equally sure that it’s going to happen and that we’re getting closer and closer to that eventuality. Interestingly, while they both have their own take on exactly what’s happening, they agree that it’s not going to be pleasant for the average American and that living standards are bound to decline markedly.

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