Victor Sperandeo – He’s Positive About Hyperinflation Coming To America (Part 2)

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Victor Sperandeo is a master trader who’s affectionately referred to as Trader Vic. He’s run up spectacular gains on the Street and he’s been warning about the potential for hyperinflation for over a year. He’s done the research on every great hyperinflation in history and sees no way for the US to escape, unless it massively reforms its fiscal and monetary systems. And he sees very little chance of that happening, without forced discipline of a major meltdown. Like we’ve said many times on FSN, with the exception of Dr. Ron Paul, there’s not a politician alive who has the stones to take on the financial elite. And unfortunately, one man, no matter how honest and intelligent cannot change a nation over night. Vic says to diversify your holdings, if you have any left. But one thing is certain, gold and silver are the backbone of any portfolio whose goal is to protect your remaining wealth.

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