Martin Armstrong – Debt is Money Which Is Why We’re All Going Broke (Part 2)

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Martin Armstrong the legendary cycle investor shared his thoughts on where the world economy is heading, and it ain’t pretty. The good news is that he doesn’t believe that hyperinflation is possible within the US. The bad news is that the current system is spinning out of control and there’s no one watching the store, especially when it comes to the real money supply. Banks and financial institutions use the ever increasing supply of sovereign debt to further inflate the supply of money. And it all comes back to the US, where it faithfully earns interest and further depletes the supply of real wealth. Unfortunately, there’s no solution that any politician who’s concerned about re-election is willing to embrace. So that means that the final collapse is just a not so Black Swan away. It’s either that or another Bretton Woods type conference where world economic leaders meet and cobble together a new monetary system. Martin’s interviews are always compelling and thought provoking and this one is no different.

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