Harvey Organ – A Pharmacist Who’s Turned The Table On The Elites

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Harvey Organ is a pharmacist from Canada. He’s been the bane of the elites since 1999, when he started writing his blog, which chronicled the sick exploits of the precious metal cartel. He so attuned that it’s to the point where he knows what the cartel is going to do before they do. He’s found their major weakness too-once they’ve started a raid, they can’t stop it. In the past month, the market dynamics have changed and this has cost the cartel big time. It’s now obvious to all that the Federal Reserve is behind the chicanery. The manipulation is criminal. Money is being stolen from investors accounts and no one seems at all. But their scheme is losing its effectiveness and it’s almost game over! Harvey thinks the collapse could be here as early as this September.

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