Dudley Baker – Finding The Silver Lining In The Darkening Silver Cloud

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Dudley Baker is an eternal optimist, but with good reason. Through his service Precious Metals Warrants, I have personally seen him score a number of extremely large returns, with very little investment and risk. Many of the stocks and warrants he’s recommended are trading for just pennies a share. But they’re not penny stocks, they have real operations, real management and real prospects for the future. Dudley uses a number of proprietary indicators to make his choices, but perhaps his most reliable metric is insider buying. While not a sure fire guarantee, it has been said that insiders can have many reasons for selling their stock, but only one for buying it–expected higher earnings and appreciation.

But Dudley’s also just a genuinely nice guy who’s really just trying to help. So when he thinks a bottom will be in place at some point in the future, I believe him.

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