Diana Zoppa – Uncertain and Somewhat Scary Times (Part 2)

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Diana Zoppa and I got together for our weekly show. We talked a lot about these uncertain and somewhat scary times. It’s amazing how a little thing like losing all your wealth can make you very spiritual. And Diana’s 12 and 13 year old nieces are visiting her this week. Unlike many kids of that age, they actually seem to be concerned about the global economy and sound money. How did that ever happen? Perhaps it’s because Diana’s father has been giving them silver coins too. They’ve been learning about silver since the time they were in diapers. I guess the moral of the story is that if you want your kids to understand what real honest money is all about, you should start getting the real thing into their hands as soon as possible. There’s lots more in our conversation. Diana’s got an incredible conference coming up in October in Vancouver, which you can find out more about at Seedevent.org. Lots of incredible speakers and some great info on how to survive and thrive in the New Economy.

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