Bix Weir – The Cartel Is A Cornered Animal – And It’s Dangerous

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Bix Weir had a few free minutes and joined us today. He’s been busy writing up a storm and he’s expecting a lot more shoes to drop in the precious metals markets. He thinks that the Cartel is on the ropes, but there’s still some life left in those market manipulators and they might be getting ready for one last grand slam down. Much like the gambler on a terrible losing streak, who keeps doubling down and praying to get even, the modern banksters are behaving in a similar manner. And why shouldn’t they, your government is there to make sure they stay afloat. It’s okay if you fail, but don’t expect them to allow a Too Big To Fail Bank to go down the tubes. That might bring down the whole house of cards and the global economy. The elites always take care of each other.

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