Barry Stuppler – Gold Market Appears Ready To Breakout, But Watch Out For Chinese Counterfeits

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Barry Stuppler is bullish on gold and he is trying to protect US buyers from a wave of Chinese counterfeit precious metals coins and bars. Barry always has his ear to the ground and his hand on the pulse of the precious metals markets around the world. He believes that the narrow sideways price channel that the metals have been trading in for the past year is ending. He bases this opinion on his knowledge of the markets and the fact that the Chinese and Asian demand has never been stronger. China is attempting to acquire the world’s largest gold hoard. There are over 2 million Chinese who are participating in private gold purchase programs. In addition, many nations, especially the BRICS have also been busy increasing their gold positions. And of course on the European and American fronts, money printing continues unabated. So based on all these factors, Barry believes the price can only increase in the long run.

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