Ann Barnhardt – Marxists Are Weak And Helpless And Useless

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Ann Barnhardt is probably one of the few moral and honest people left in the financial industry. As you may know, after the collapse of MF Global, she closed her commodities brokerage house because she felt that her clients’ money was no longer safe. Now the 7th Circuit has affirmed her belief, upholding these exact practices in the notorious Sentinel case, which will become the precedent for letting the Corzine crime family off the hook. Basically the Court says it’s okay to steal customer funds as long as you didn’t intend to steal them. In other words, it’s okay to be a thief if didn’t want to become a thief. So when people entrust their hard earned dollars with you, and you’re losing money on all your derivatives, go ahead and take their money, you won’t go to jail over it or even be held liable.

Which is why Ann says that Marxists are the most weak and helpless creatures on the planet and they will suffer their just reward.

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