Ann Barnhardt – Godless Existence Is The Cause Of The Economic Collapse

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Ann Barnhardt was living her dream. She had a successul commodities firm, helping farmers across the US and Canada to hedge their crop risks. Then MF Global blew up and Ann realized that no matter how carefully she invested her clients’ money, it could always be stolen right out from underneath them. Therefore, in good conscience she couldn’t continue the business, so she liquidated the assets and paid off her clients in full, so that they would never have to suffer an MF Global meltdown. She has mixed thoughts about it to this day, but she’s absolutely certain she did the morally correct act. And while Ann’s business ethics are very much intertwined with her religious beliefs, she’s decided that she cannot liver her life any other way. And we have to admit, there’s something nice about being able to sleep at night, regardless what your religious beliefs may be.

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