Alasdair Macleod – Is There A Limit To How Long Governments Can Keep Us Safe From Reality (Part Two)

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Perhaps you’re unaware, but the unravelling of Europe continues at an epic pace. One half of Europe would like to live at the expense of the other half. And the people paying the bills are quickly getting fed up with the moochers. How much long will Finland put up with it, let alone Germany and the other producing nations that feel like total patsies? Thid is the important question. Usually, as Bob Hoye explained, major collapses take place in the Fall. No one has the appetite to address tragedy in the summer. The Europeans have extended vacations planned and besides, the deposits have already been paid. So what’s a few more months, when your vacation is hanging in the balance?

Alasdair sees no respite from the non-stop financial collapse and he doesn’t see any of the parties putting forth workable solutions. So the net result is more of the same until the ultimate break-up of the Euro and the European Union occurs. After all, there’s really no country standing behind the Euro, just a mottly collection of central banks that are in serious decline.

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