Ranting Andy & Bill Holter – CFTC Is Fake and The Elites Are Losing Control Of The System

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Ranting Andy was recently interviewed in the TheDailyBell.com, one of the top libertarian freedom thinking sites in the world. They’re out of Switzerland and they’ve interviewed hundreds of the top freedom lovers around the world, including yours truly. But Andy’s interview set new standards for his of the economic free fall that the elites have been trying to cover up for years. Andy believes that these elites can’t control much of anything anymore, besides interest rates and the money system, and that their ability to do even these tasks is rapidly diminishing. But the final chapter has yet to be written, so we’ll just have to see how it all works out.

We also discussed the Financial Times report on the CFTC’s intent to close the silver manipulation investigation. It only took four years for them to figure out that there wasn’t enough evidence. One must wonder what these government employees really do for a living. Anyone armed with a spreadsheet and the daily trading data can figure this one out. Bill is incredulous and has no confidence in the US Government, the Fed or the CFTC. He joins an ever growing club.

In addition, Andy has been fully invested in gold and silver for nearly a decade and believes the best for gold/silver and the worst for fiat currencies is about to occur.

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