Triple Lutz Report #199 – Debt Jubilee 2012 – Our Only Hope

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Forgiveness of debts, as well as sins, is specifically addressed in the Bible. The Book of Leviticus provides that every 25-50 years there will be a Jubilee, where all slaves and prisoners are freed, sins and debts are foregiven and property returned. Later Pope Boniface VIII decreed that a Jubilee shall take place every 50 years, and that extraordinary Jubilees would be decreed when necessary. If ever there was a time when the world needed an extraordinary Jubilee, it’s now! Debt, at all levels of society, keeps going higher and higher with no end in sight. Currency units are now produced with reckless abandon. And to what purpose? It’s all part of an effort to solve the greatest debt crisis in history, by going more into debt. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to work out very well. Whereas, in a Jubilee, we could eliminate all debt or most it, in one act, thus dramatically reduce prison populations by releasing non-violent offenders and saving billions.

Eventually, the world’s leaders will realize that there isn’t another way out and will be forced to go back to their religious routes to find the solution.

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