“Ranting” Andy Hoffman & Bill Holter – House Hunters Fake Like The World Economy

from FinancialSurvivalNet

It was time for a Monday Rant with “Ranting” Andy Hoffman and his cohort Bill Holter. Bill believes the world’s central banks are getting ready to revalue gold upward to provide for the final bailout. The news is starting to spread, and while Andy and I believe that something is brewing, we’re not ready to chalk it up to mass financial sanity taking hold at the world’s premier money printers. The system is a fake and a fraud, just like the popular show House Hunters. All the drama and conflict in choosing a house is completely staged, as is the drama concerning bailouts, banks and governments. Perhaps as Bill indicates, the final chapter has already been written and the bankster and powers that be are waiting for the exact moment to spring it upon the citizens of the world. No one could be at all surprised by such an action. At FSN, we are ahead of the curve and try to deconstruct all the news so you find out what’s really going on. And what’s really going on now is that there are no White Knights to save us. If gold does transform from a “Barbarous Relic” to the “coin of the realm” you’ll know it before most.

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