Peter Schiff (Live at Freedom Fest 2012) – Socialism is the Problem – Capitalism Is The Solution

from FinancialSurvivalNet

We caught up with our old friend Peter Schiff at Freedom Fest. While he was on a panel, security was sicked on Doug Casey for smoking a cigar (Cubano of course) while participating on stage. Freedom took a major hit when Doug was forced to extinguish his rich stogie. But as Doug said, he was on someone else’s property, so he had to comply with the management’s wishes. I want to know who the Buzzkill was that turned him in.

Peter made the case for limited government and eliminated socialism in his usual eloquent manner. Too Big To Fail Banks are not the product of capitalism, but socialism. Capitalism never failed, as it has been utilized in the US for many years. Eventually, the lesson will have to be learned if we are ever to have prosperity again and that’s why Peter trudges on.

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