Mickey Fulp – Lake Erie Once Again Safe From Becoming A Fire Hazard

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Mickey Fulp, The Mercenary Geologist, and I got together for an energy discussion. There’s so much going on in this once conservative moribund industry. The innovations of hydro-fracking and enhanced recovery are leading to an energy self-sufficient America, only 40 years after Nixon’s pledge. Right now, the US domestically produces 55 percent of its energy needs. It’s miraculous that an industry faced with hostile government agencies, green subsidies and general public antipathy towards petroleum exploration and development. Many people believe that the industry has deliberately stifled high mileage vehicles and auto technology, and this could very well be true. However, America’s retaking of energy production leadership is something that no talking head or so-called energy expert ever predicted. All that is necessary to ride this wave to making America great again is political leadership and a commitment to fast-tracking energy infrastructure projects.

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