Tyler Gallagher of Regal Assets – Time To Save Your IRA

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Keeping your IRA safe is becoming more and more of a challenge. Congress has declared open season on retirement accounts. They want to confiscate even more of your wealth, to keep the bankrupt system afloat a while longer. And while the Fed engages in Operation Twist and is obfuscating that essentially unlimited money printing is taking place, it seems more and more likely that the Congress will eventually resort to outright confiscation. And there’s no bigger target than retirement accounts. Of course they won’t admit that they’re stealing your savings. Rather, like all evils that government perpetrates, they’re only doing it to help you. Your IRA will be invested in government bonds yielding a guaranteed return. Don’t be fooled. You have options and alternatives. Use them. And Tyler Gallagher happens to be an expert in doing just that.

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