Triple Lutz Report #196 – Obamacare Upheld – Government Can Force You To Eat Broccoli

from FinancialSurvivalNet

As everyone knows, who cares, Obamacare was upheld today. The purported conservative Chief Justice, John Roberts, writing for the majority ruled the health insurance mandate was legal, in spite of arguments before the Court, stating that if the government can force you to buy insurance, they can force you to eat broccoli as well. Because after all, it is good for you. We’ve stated many times on the Financial Survival Network, that any time you go to court, it’s a “crap-shoot.” And this time was no different. And while we admit to being surprised, based upon the oral arguments presented, we’re certainly not shocked. This decision is simply the culmination of nearly 80 years of the Supreme Court rubber stamping ever more intrusive government, expanding its powers to the disadvantage of the individual. To think that labels next to an individual judge’s name could change the outcome is quite naive.

But take heart, Obamacare is the final nail in the coffin of the corrupt, central bank based economy. This combined with the impending tax increases will further decimate the economy and worsen the worldwide global economic depression. The sooner the current monetary system collapses, hopefully leading to a sound monetary system, the better.

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