Robert Ian – What A Great Recovery as Foreclosures Continue to Pile Up

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Robert Ian, of Conquer Change, joined us to discuss the crumbling financial system. Recoveries come and go, but foreclosures are still going up and food stamp usage continues to climb. A debt jubilee is becoming more and more likely as the keepers of the status quo run out of options. This is great if you owe money, but not so great if you’re one of those rare and endangered species known as a Saver. While the meek will eventually inherit the earth, right now the banksters and their hoard of parasites are in complete control. You’ll know they’ve become irrelevant when you see the price of gold and silver shooting up to new heights. But don’t think you’ll be willing and able to buy at higher prices. The opportunity is now, but most will no doubt neglect it!

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