Richard Bernstein – Obamacare Unveiled: A Category 10 Hurricane Coming Right At Us

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Richard Bernstein has been involved in the insurance industry for decades; he was once an insurance advisor to Donald Trump. He’s done a full scale analysis of the upcoming bill and knows that it will be a disaster. He thinks there’s three good parts and the rest is evil and will lead to more government control over you medical treatment and health. While the insurance industry takes a big hit from the public, reduction of fraud and frivolous law suits would go a long way towards reducing the price of health care in America. But rather than addressing those issues, the government believes they need to step in and reduce our access to vital treatments. Hospitals are trying to control the doctors to mitigate their legal exposure, with potentially catastrophic results. In the end, we all hope that the US Supreme Court sees through it all and rules it unconstitutional.

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