‘Ranting’ Andy Hoffman – It’s Just Another Day In Ben Bernanke’s Neighborhood

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Ranting Andy believes that the days of unfettered money printing and Quantitative Easing to Infinity are rapidly coming to an end. And it’s not because the central banks are unwilling to deliver unlimited amounts of freshly minted currency units, but rather that these actions have become less effective. When the Fed or the Plunge Protection Team prop up the Dow, their actions now last for a day or less. Their ability to affect markets and outcomes is diminshing. However, don’t believe they’re going to go out with just a whimper. As they get more and more desperate, their actions will too. And that’s the giveaway that the end is near. But until then, treat them as you would a wild animal that’s been cornered-a threat until it’s been caged or eliminated.

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