John & Monica Miller – Your Money Might Be Safer In The Land Down Under

from FinancialSurvivalNet

John and Monica Miller, formerly of Hawaii and now residents of New Zealand, have written the book The Coming Banking Holiday, which should give any thinking American pause for thought and concern over his/her savings and his/her bank accounts. There have been many banking failures over the centuries, and while Americans have rarely lost their money in the bank collapses, there are no guarantees in life. The Millers believe that Australia offers some of the best financial conditions in the free world. The Country is debt-free and the wealth is staggering. It is a resource based economy that is still prospering. Therefore, before capital controls and retirement account seizure takes place, this is certainly a place that should be considered when trying to internationalize assets. And while they drive on the wrong side of the road, the weather is quite nice, and there are some incredible beaches and cities.

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