FSN Listeners Speak Out Against Creeping Totalitarianism

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Pat and Anthony Condos are long term listeners and fellow residents of the People’s Republic of New York. I’ve exchanged emails with Anthony for months, so imagine my surprise while sitting down at lunch, I hear my name called and look over at Pat and Anthony. We connected immediately and spent an enjoyable lunch together, trying not to get too weighted down by the economic collapse and abused precious metals markets. This is the best part of my new career, connecting with as many of you as possible. I hear from so many people each day, with so many concerns, and worries. I can’t emphasize enough, that you should prepare as much as you feel you can, but don’t let your enjoyment and your gratitude for today ever slip through the cracks. As bad as things are, and as bad they may potentially become, our relationships with others will help us all get through. Thanks again to Pat and Anthony Condos for coming on the show and there’s an open invitation to all of you to email, post comments and to leave a message on the hotline at 800-999-CASH.

This is incredible.

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