Charles Biderman – Gold & Silver For the Long Haul – Short Term Trends Aside

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Charles Biderman of has been selling research to hedge funds and other Wall Street groups for many years. Now he’s providing valuable information to individuals around the globe. While he’s been short term bearish on metals, Charles is an established trader who’s able to profit from these moves like most individuals cannot. His model portfolio is 25% gold and shorts on the Euro among other positions. Personally, I’m long on Rottweilers; these canine protectors are among the best, and if it all hits the fan, you’ll need effective protection for your home and family. Spreading out your holdings is also a wise move and should be considered. Global uncertainty is going to have affects upon every person in the world, whether you’re prepared or not. So better to be ready when the inevitable comes.

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