Bob Hoye – Wall Street’s Partying Like It’s 1873… With Similar Results

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Legendary investor and financial market historian Bob Hoye joined us for another compelling interview. If you really believe this time is different, think again. Bob has traced this financial calamity and compared it to earlier collapses and the similarities are quite striking. While we inhabitants of the modern world take solace in believing that we’ve learned so much and progressed so far, when it comes to economic matters, nothing really ever changes. And those who refuse to learn from economic cycles are doomed to repeat them over and over. Just ask Spain and Greece and the world’s major banks. Until we completely abandon the economic intervention efforts of Keynesianism, what you see now is what we’ll always wind up with. Only each crash is progressively worse and more destructive than the last one.

And by the way, all that money that world’s governments and central banks have printed out of thin air, in an effort to try to keep the good times rolling, has all been wasted.

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