Bix Weir on the Road To Roota – Debt Jubilee, Asset Jubilee

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Bix Weir says things are heating up in Europe and once there’s no Euro, there won’t be a dollar for too long after that. Once Europe implodes, it’s goodbye time for the derivative markets. We’re already seeing the start, in Italy a bank holiday was declared by BNI bank, depositors presently cannot access their funds or pay bills. However, fear not, the bank will still accept payment for debts owed to them. But pretty soon, those debts, along with the bank’s deposits may very well cease to exist. Which is why gold, silver and a quantity of paper notes is still your best financial survival program. Bix will be checking in more as the situation heats up; and, the way things are going, it could boil over at any moment. Thank goodness we have the FDIC in the US. They’ll never let our giga banks go under. You can always trust the government to do the right thing for sure. Ha!

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