Triple Lutz Report #189 – First Nanny Bloomberg Came for Your Tobacco and Transfats, Now He’s Coming for Your Soda

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Our favorite whipping boy Little Brother aka Nanny Bloomberg, formally known as Michael Bloomberg, is at it once again. Nanny Bloomberg wants to ban sugary drinks that are sold in containers larger than 16 ounces. As usual he knows better than you, and he wants you to retain your boyish or girlish figure. But don’t be too upset, you can still get that 1,000 calorie milk shake from Mickey D’s and as of yet refills don’t seem to be on his radar. These out of control, wannabe dictators must stay up nights thinking up these looney ideas.

There’s obviously no end in sight. So drink up, have a supersized 32 ounce Coke, compliments of the Financial Survival Network and wave hello to Little Brother as he watches you consume that life-threatening beverage on one of the many thousands of surveillance cameras around the Apple. The Eye-in-the-Sky is watching you. So behave yourself and obey! Or else you’ll really be in trouble.

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