Triple Lutz Report #188 – Even Fund Managers Can’t See The Writing on The Wall

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Yesterday I got to spend the day with Jay Taylor, a fellow radio guy, who’s sites include Mining and Jay Taylor Jay’s a former financial guy, who used to write a small newsletter as a hobby. Eventually, his hobby became his passion and he started writing full time and doing radio. He’s as passionate as yours’ truly and honest and completely authentic, which is why we hold him in such high esteem as the Financial Survival Network. We went to a Yukon Mining Presentation and there were a number of good companies presenting. This sector, is the casualty of the gold and silver manipulation scheme. Many of them are worth more dead than alive. But more importantly, the fund managers present had absolutely no concept of what’s going to hit the US and World economies shortly. And that was truly alarming.

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