Triple Lutz Report #187 – The Debt Jubilee Is Coming-One Way Or Another

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Last week, I attended the NY Hard Assets Investment Conference. I had a booth and was so gratified that so many of you joined me. It was great meeting you and hearing your stories. It really made me understand that we’re in this thing together and that we, as a community, will come through it together. That’s exactly what FSN has become, a community of like minded people, sharing thoughts and ideas and making it through the Greater Depression together. Speaking of the “D” word, it’s always about repudiation of debt and I present a simple plan for making the world right once again. It encompasses breaking up the “Too Big To Fail Banks,” eliminating most of the world’s debt and government interventions, and letting the market make us all great once again. But, I am a realist, and I know the forces that be will fight this every step of the way. However, certain things are inevitable, and the debt will eventually be repudiated and swept away.

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