Jim Rogers: Follow Your Passion, Forget Wall St, & Sell Lamborghinis to Farmers

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Jim Rogers is a global financial luminary. He’s called the market right so many times that even the Main Stream Media half listens when he speaks. They don’t want to understand what he’s saying, but they do listen. And now he’s saying that gold may take a breather in 2012, that you need to be following your passion and you should be thinking about farming, not trading. The world is changing, has always been changing and always will be. The key is to get out ahead of the change and use it to help you find your calling.

Jim found his a long time ago. Back when he started on Wall Street, it was not the glorified place that it is today–for now. Rather, it was a back water “wasteland” where the “black sheep” of the family headed. And it probably served its original purpose far better than it does today. The concept of allocating capital, distributing risk and helping the economy grow are completely alien to its current occupants. But Jim believes that in a few short years, it will go back to be a wasteland and allow the rest of the economy to grow. The Too Big To Fails have locked the Country into a cycle of failure, that will end when they finally do fail. Jim is considerate, engaging and intelligent, and he was a joy to have on FSN.

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