Ranting Andy Hoffman -You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Anywhere – 02.Apr.2012

Ranting Andy Hoffman is back for another Monday Rant. We talked about noted gold investor Jim Sinclair and his decision to flee the US before it’s too late. While Americans have a number of options on where to flee before the ultimate collapse of the greenback, there’s really few choices. There’s so much anti-Americanism around the globe, one can only wonder how much worse it can get if there’s a systemic collapse that leads to mass global disorder. While it will be easy to blame the US causing it, it greatly limits your choices.

Andy believes that sticking it out in the good old US of A will be the best choice for most of us. While it may not be a good idea to move to a large city, put all your wealth in a “zombie” bank and hope for the best, there are number of viable options that you should consider. Storing some food, having a backup generator and keeping a supply of needed drugs on hand is always a good idea, because supply chains can get interrupted. Best to be prepared than surprised!

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