Nick Santiago: Invest In Inflation, It’s The Only Thing Going Up

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Nick Santiago of In The Money Stocks joined us again for a wide ranging discussion about making money in the stock market. According to Nick’s methodology, increased volatility is good for increasing investment returns. This means being able to follow the Fed’s shadowy hand when they buy bonds and distort the market. Accurate charting is the key to following the moves. Buying gold, silver and perhaps some well valued real estate with your trading profits will help you go a long way towards the gold. Trading is not for everybody, or even most people, but if you have the right temperament it’s a great way to make excellent returns. More importantly, use the current low interest rates and low real estate as well as metals prices to accumulate positions that will later allow you to profit or, at the very least, protect your wealth.

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