Jeff Berwick – Getting Your Gold Out of Dodge

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Jeff Berwick of the erstwhile Dollar Vigilante has written a report entitled, Getting Your Gold out of Dodge. Jeff believes that as governments get more desperate and continue to run out of money, they will resort to outright confiscation of their citizen’s wealth and assets. This has already occurred in places like Argentina and Ireland and in many other countries. We saw this trend in Argentina, when the government nationalized YPF, an oil company partly owned by Spanish concerns. If governments will steal each other’s property, who can rightly believe they won’t go after their citizens’ property?

Therefore, Jeff argues quite persuasively that it’s time to get a portion of your property out of the country and into more friendly economic climes. Jeff knows more about this subject than just about anyone else. As always, we enjoy Jeff’s appearances on the show and believe that his ideas need to be considered by all concerned investors, the world over.

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