GATA’s Bill Murphy Sees Non-Stop Government Gold/Silver Manipulation – 09.Apr.2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Bill Murphy has been fighting the good battle for 13 years. His organization GATA has been David fighting the Goliath of the Fed, the Bullion Banks, the US Government, and many other foreign interests as well. Bill categorically states there hasn’t been a free-market in gold and silver for decades, and he’s got the evidence to back it up. There are thousands of documents proving Fed manipulation and witnesses calling major price moves days before the actual event occurs.

The manipulation and price rigging has only gotten worse since the beginning of 2012. First there was the Leap Day Metals Massacre. Then there was lasts week’s slam during the slow holiday markets. While the intervention has become more constant, the elitist’s efforts to hide it has not. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see an entire year’s supply of gold and silver sold into the futures markets in a matter of minutes. However, people and governments are starting to understand, which eventually will be the gold/silver cartel’s undoing.

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