Triple Lutz Report–Kids Will Always Love Junk Food–Episode 156

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Jamie Oliver is a one man healthy food crusader, but he has met his match. He actually expected LA public school students to give up the flavor of a real beef cheeseburger for a wheat bread burger. After all, it’s so much better for you. And like a liberal statist, he knows what’s better for you and your kids than you do. However, when forced substitution of healthy foods was attempted, guess what happened? Kids voted with their knives and forks and dumped the healthy gruel into the garbage.

Hopefully the same thing will happen with the forced consumption of inferior educational services. The American public education system is an unmitigated failure. It’s amazing that it went from being the best in the world, to being among the worst. The education decline took place at the same time as the ascendancy of teacher unionization. And there’s nothing coincidental about this either. But now we are at a turning point. Apple just introduced newly created textbooks for the iPad2, and they’re amazing. So do not despair, the internet is doing to the the educational monopoly what it did to the travel industry, the stock brokerage industry, the music industry and so many others before it. Pretty soon the educational experience will help students to soar to new heights.

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