Sean of SGTreport.Com Speaks About Liberty-Patriotism and Freedom–02-17-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Sean founder of the, one of the most popular freedom advocate sites on the internet joins us for a no holds barred interview. He believes freedom is hanging in the balance and that we may have crossed the Rubicon. Since starting his YouTube channel, he’s gotten millions of views. He’s struck a chord with people around the world who sense that something is very wrong and who are trying to understand the exact nature of the global financial challenges that lie ahead.

Awareness is the first step towards addressing the underlying issues. Until some level of understanding is achieved, it will continue to remain impossible to find solutions to these seemingly intractable problems. Sean has dedicated much of his life to help you clearly see the challenges that we are all facing and those that your children and grandchildren will face in the future. The defining issue of our country and the world is really whether or not these problems can be solved or not.

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