Ranting Andy Explains the Latest Gold/Silver Raid and Smashdown 03-06-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

“Ranting” Andy joins us again this week to reassure you the Leap Day violation on gold and silver was as blatant of an attack as you could possible see in the paper markets. Andy reiterates that short term charts are meaningless, and he explains what we’re seeing today is simply follow-through operation. The 200-day moving average of the precious metals, gold and silver, has been very consistent over the past eleven years; these are commodities that have rarely been under their 200-day moving average. Effectively, Da Boyz are not only painting the charts, they are trying to take your money! They are manipulating the charts to make the market look like its behaving in a way that it’s really not. The long term chart patterns speak for themselves!

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