Peter Grandich Says Be Happy But Don’t Be Stupid With Your Investments-Gold–02-07-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Peter Grandich was still in a mild state of euphoria over the victory of his New York Giants. Peter works closely with a number of team members in a Bible Study Class. And just like there’s some good pro ball players out there, there’s some good solid investments, even in an environment like this one. Peter urges you not to be fooled by the so-called investment pros who are always trying to make things look much better than they really are. He calls them the, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” crowd, because they’re always playing up the positive and dismissing the negative. Not a good plan for long term financial success.

Peter says everyone should have a written financial plan. This will help you avoid the emotional traps that await every successful investor at one time or another. There are sectors of the market that have great upside potential. Peter thinks this may finally be the year the juniors start to catch up with the ever escalating metals prices their value should be related to. While he is not yet ready to bet the farm on this hunch, he sees many signs that are making him more and more optimistic. But, Peter says you always need to invest with caution and a real certainty in your own fallibility. It’s this attitude that has made Peter’s career the success that it is.

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