Julian D.W. Phillips Has A Long Golden Memory–03-09-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Julian D.W. Phillips of GoldForecaster.com and SilverForecaster.com acclaim has a long memory. He’s been actively involved and profitting from world financial and metal markets since 1971. He’s one of a few who has vivid memories of the last gold bull market and subsequent gold bear market. Being an international financier, he has a unique perspective that many Americans and Westerners will find disquieting.

With talk of gold confiscation in the air, Julian believes the US Government might want your gold because they will need it to pay back Germany and other allies. The US has been storing their gold in New York and other places for many years. There are legitimate questions as to whether they will be able to return that gold, if so demanded. If the answer is no, then at that point, gold will take off to the moon, and there will be serious repercussions. Since there is no transparency on the issue of US gold holdings, we are all left to speculate. But, one must wonder why the Fed refuses to end the rumor mongering once and for all. And yes Virginia, gold really is money, now and forever.