Jeffrey A. Tucker Says Money Launderers Prefer Tide 2 to 1 Over the Competition – 29.Mar.2012

Drug dealers and other citizens outside the main stream economic system are cleaning up money laundering’s new image with Extra-Strength Tide. It really gets the Feds out. Seems stolen Tide laundry detergent has almost become an alternative currency in certain parts of the Country. While it’s not exactly portable or very convenient either, it has its uses. While the government is attempting to phase out physical cash, entrepreneurs of every walk of life will seek substitutes. That’s just a basic law of economics and nothing can change it. So after Tide, what will come next. Perhaps that 450 million rounds of ammunition that Homeland Security has ordered is really the foundation of new monetary system. Bullets are easy to carry, are extremely portable and a box of cartridges is very divisible. And it is certainly useful and perhaps scarce in certain parts as well. We’ll see when they start stamping denominations of the outside, then we’ll know for sure.

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