Jason Burack Sees Major Oil Opportunities Ahead–03-13-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Jason Burack of WallStforMainSt.com is currently writing a comprehensive report about opportunities in the junior oil drilling sector. The majors tend to dominate all the headlines. But, when it comes to building reserves you should look to acquiring juniors. One of the nice things about drilling for oil is that after making a discovery, the company can be producing cash flow in under a year. Contrast this with that of the mining industry, where approvals can take a decade.

While Jason believes we’re not running out of oil, he also believes that much of the easy to find, cheaper, light sweet crude oil has been depleted. This means more deep drilling, more fracking and more non-traditional sources of hydro-carbons.The subsidies that many producing countries offer their citizens are a mixed blessing at best; while shielding from market forces, consumption continues to rise. All of Jason’s projections assume no Middle Eastern Black Swans appear. If they do, no one knows where oil prices will wind up.

With this in mind, we’re looking forward to Jason’s report.

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