Gary Wagner Thinks the Precious Metals Correction is Over – 29.Mar.2012

Gary Wagner of believes that the precious metals correction is probably over and we’ll see a quick run up for gold to around $1760 per ounce. The current weakness in metals prices is a good opportunity for long term and short term buyers to get in and capture profits. The markets are following very predicatable patterns according to Gary’s interpretations of Elliott Wave Theory and Japanese Candalstick Formations. While the markets have been violent and no doubt manipulated, the patterns are nonetheless very clear.

Gary sees the precious metals bull market continuing for at least another year and a half. It’s always dangerous to predict markets with exact timing. If you’re wrong you get belittled and if you’re right, the naysayers just claim that you were lucky, much like a stopped clock is right twice a day. But we’ll bet that Gary’s projections are more a result of skill than luck. 

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