Dr. Joseph Salerno Explains Why Silver and Gold are Honest Money – 30.Mar.2012

Dr. Joseph Salerno economics professor at Pace University (my alma mater) graciously sat down with FSN today to examine the reasons why the we’re experiencing the continued and extended global economic collapse. Dr. Salerno is one of the best known Austrian School Economists in the world. While there are many causes, first and foremost is the drift away from honest money to fiat money. And this of course was facilitated by the Federal Reserve. It has enabled the world to run tremendous deficits and debase currencies around the globe. It has also fueled the wave of militaristic adventurism we’ve been experiencing for decades.

Dr. Salerno has dedicated his life to educating and enlightening students to history of money and monetary collapse. Inflation is always a sympton of far deeper problems and this time is no different. The Mises Institute is proving invaluable information and resources to combat the forces of economic ignorance and Keynsianism (sorry to repeat myself). The battle is being waged on mind at a time, but when the currency collapse is felt by all, the pace will no doubt accelerate.

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